Essential Ayurveda

Essential Ayurveda
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Salim Pushpanath, Dr. Vijayachandradas, Jacob Philip.
Erklärungen zum Ayurveda - Philosophie, Dosha Theorie, Konstitutionstypenerklärungen und Test, Ratschläge für die verschiedenen Typen, Beschreibung wesentlicher ayurved. Behandlungen. Sehr schön bebildertes Buch, 79 Seiten.

According to ancient Hindu believes Ayurveda was gifted to mankind by the gods to help lead a healthy and fruitful life free from mortal ailments. Believed to be the oldest and most complete medical science known to mankind this is one primordial therapeutic discipline that is so amazingly in-depth yet so wonderfully simple tp learn, practice and advocate that even 5000 years after it evolved it is one of the most-sought-after holistic health sciences wolrdwide.

The primary reason fpr this is perhaps Ayurveda is homogeneous with Mother Nature and advocates a way of life in tandem with her. It focuses on holistic well-being and postulates that a healthy mind is found in a healthy body and vice-versa and is absolutely essential to lead and live life to its fullest as Mother Nature intended. Today mankind has awakened to the importance of safeguarding Mother Nature and living in harmony with her and hence perhaps this renewed interest in Ayurveda.

Essential Ayurveda is an attempt by an ace Ayurvedic practitioner, an award.winning Natural photographer and an author of travel books to help you understand the nuances of Ayurveda in all its kaleidoscopic variety. Written in simple language in an easy-to-read format comlete with photographs and identify-it-yourself questionnaires Essential Ayurveda offers you an opportunity to identify with Ayurveda and to better comprehend its magic and magnitude.

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